The 3rd Major Marketing Revolution

History has shown us that sometimes, a new marketing system is created that is so radically different that it shakes up the world. Passions and even anger get stirred up, accusations fly and name-calling ensues. Ultimately the marketing tactic becomes respected and then copycatted all over the world.

This happened in 1959, when a now well-known corporation revolutionized a new marketing system. Cleaning products began making millionaires, while screams of “Pyramid!” echoed nationwide. Multi-level marketing was declared legit by the government in 1979. Amway corporation is now the number 25 largest private corporation in the U.S. Multi-level systems, referral bonuses and other tiered creations are everywhere.

In July 1996, a book company created a new marketing system for the young Internet. The first affiliate program was launched and it deputized anyone to market online products. Tens of thousands of companies jumped on board. Now, it’s become so big that many online companies are now restricting affiliates because they’re everywhere and filling up the web with ads (I’m guilty of this, but I don’t spam).

Now, there’s a fairly new company with a marketing/cash earning system that has people screaming. Like the figurative “snowball rolling downhill”, the money you make can make more money, continuously, and as your account gets older, the snowball gets even bigger. Is “passive income” the new buzz word that’s going to turn faces red while others create wealth without doing much of anything?

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