A Million on the Side

Last summer, I was looking for a way to make an extra income without much time required, so I began a search. With all the questionable riff-raff companies and scams online, it was nice to finally find one that did what it claimed it would do, and allow me to test it out, one piece at a time.

I could tell that this was worth checking out because of all the giddy people from all over the world that were thanking their deities for it. My favorite was a young girl on Youtube that recorded a quick video of how she made her first $20 or so, while her baby was screaming in the background. My sights were set higher, so I figured “If she can do it, I know I can!”

I wasn’t looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme; those don’t exist, and I was willing to be patient as long as I saw continuous progress. It’s a passive residual income, which meant that I was free to focus on other things, while this earns for itself. This company’s website is pretty basic web 1.0; I think they spent more time working on their system/payouts and left the design for someone else to do later… It didn’t really matter to me, as long as they made money and paid out. Its system may seem complicated, but they handle it all for you and pay at unexpected times.

Anyone can do this with just one account. I was in more of a hurry and since the company lets you have multiple accounts (on different usernames), I would get more leverage by having a few of them. One account will do the same thing though. A million-plus, down the road, is my personal vision for this. They’re structured so that you can work on multiple $10,000 payouts and more. Your vision is totally up to you!

Click below for the full breakdown of it all.

Tony B.

Video Breakdown of the Million Dollar Stepladder

Full Written Breakdown of the Million Dollar Stepladder

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