A Second Income for the Future

With today’s realities, one income may not be cutting it when you consider your responsibiities and what you’d prefer to be doing. While it may not be too hard to find a second job, deep down, most of us run into a problem eventually with the time and energy a second job requires. Time away from your family or what you’d rather be doing.

I’m going to offer an alternative for the long term. It won’t replace the immediate paycheck of a second job, but it will build a future that can get you out of that constant rut of not having enough time to make as much money as you want. A very exciting future that you may not have access to otherwise.

The main thing required is patience. This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme and I won’t fill your head with unrealistic expectations of instant wealth. The company that provides this does not have a fancy website. They empower you to create a steadily growing online income that grows with time, building towards something huge that will have you excited about this year and the next years to come. You may not understand how some of the pieces work, but you can earn while you’re learning.

You will discover how acquiring “cyclers” and “ad-packs” can set up a future worth as many thousands as you can envision, that you may not have thought was possible.

Click below for the full breakdown of it all.

Tony B.

Video Breakdown of the Million Dollar Stepladder

Full Written Breakdown of the Million Dollar Stepladder

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Time Given Back to You

How do you make time? Time is what life is made of. If we had more time, would we spend more time with our families? Put more work into a project, business or hobby? I know, I know. Too many unanswered questions here, so I’ll get to my point.

The main thing that we can do is leverage our time. Arrange our choices and activities so that we’re getting the most out of our 24 hour day. Many have found that the most effective way you can do this is by “having things or people working for you while you’re doing other things”. With people, it’s called delegating. 12 years ago, when I was putting together my online business, I discovered that there are things you can set up that will automatically make money for you, freeing up your hands to make money in other things. This realization caused me to dedicate myself to those type of things and be very cautious with other opportunities that demanded constant attention.

Today, my primary business focus is on an extremely lucrative online venture, but it does require serious dedication and time to make it profitable. My other focus compliments it perfectly, because it earns a passive residual income that doesn’t require any time while it’s making money. Many people haven’t caught on to this type of income, but soon passive income will be a household name and copycats will be everywhere.

By having an income that leverages my time, I can put my full attention on whatever I want to and know that come rain or shine, my passive income is not only making money, but growing in strength too. Hard to believe? There’s still a part of me that is pinching myself, but I love seeing the numbers come in!

I hope that that time is on your side too.

Tony B.

This is how I create a snowballing passive residual income

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